In the heart of Europe, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Slovenia, the Eurotox 2023 meeting in Ljubljana brought together scientists, researchers, and experts from around the world to explore the latest advancements in the field of toxicology. As an enthusiastic attendee and employee of the event’s Gold Sponsor, I had the privilege of witnessing and participating in a whirlwind of scientific discussions, groundbreaking research presentations, and networking opportunities. In this blog post, I’ll take you on a journey through the highlights and happenings of Eurotox 2023.

Opening Ceremony and Key Presentations

The conference kicked off with an inspiring opening ceremony at the beautiful Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. The venue was perfect and it set the stage for the scientific updates that lay ahead. Distinguished speakers from the field of toxicology and related disciplines delivered thought-provoking presentations that provided valuable insights into the future of our field.

Gregor Majdič kicked off the conference talking about the toxicity of love – which was well received by delegates. Other noteworthy presentations through the four-day event were Steven van Cruchten talking about translational knowledge in minipigs, suggesting novel approaches regarding this underrepresented non-rodent species in non-clinical safety studies. Later, Tom Turk spoke about toxins produced by certain species of marine dinoflagellates and diatoms and how they represent a considerable danger to public health.

Scientific Sessions and Poster Presentations

There was a diverse range of scientific sessions covering various aspects of toxicology, from new approaches in risk assessments, microplastics, warfare reagents, phytotoxins, organs-on-a-chip, copper nanoparticle toxicity, immunotoxicity, genotoxicity …and everything in-between! With several parallel sessions, there was something for every researcher.

The poster presentations were a treasure trove of innovative research. Young scientists and seasoned researchers showcased their work, sparking engaging discussions on topics even more diverse than the spoken sessions! Conversations around the posters, with refreshments, aided new collaborations and global partnerships. Major themes included big data approaches and data sharing initiatives. Below I have listed the posters that were presented by our team:

• Polo-like kinase 4 (PLK4) Safety Review – distilling the risks with a rapid augmented intelligence approach. Frances Hall, PhD and Brenda Finney, PhD
• Appropriate Responses to the Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data (SEND) and the activities of the Global SEND Alliance (G-SEND). Anzai Takayuki, PhD

Workshops, Industry-hosted Seminars and Discussions

Eurotox 2023 featured an exciting selection of industry-hosted seminars. We were able to attend a few of these cutting-edge sessions; safety and future testing designs were the dominating themes. The hands-on experience and guidance from experts were invaluable.

Our team ran a seminar on the following area: From Safety Testing to Success: ICH S1B and the Power of Data Sharing.

Prior to the conference, there was a choice of six different continuing education sessions. A wonderful selection of high-quality and informative workshops designed specifically to enabled continued learning through the toxicology community. The “hands-on introduction to applied artificial intelligence in toxicology” chaired by Thomas Hartung and Marc Teunis, was so popular that the organisers provided two different tracks which ran simultaneously.

As usual, EUROTOX provided a lively debate on the topic “Will the exposome drastically change the practice of toxicology?” led by Thomas Weiser and Robyn L. Tanguay.

Closing Ceremony and Farewell

The conference came to a close with a heartfelt closing ceremony, where organizers thanked attendees for their contributions and participation. As I bid farewell to the beautiful city of Ljubljana and the new friends and colleagues I had met, I left Eurotox 2023 with a sense of excitement for the future of toxicology.


Eurotox 2023 in Ljubljana was a remarkable experience that showcased the vibrancy and dynamism of the field of toxicology. It was a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and addressing pressing issues in our ever-changing world. As an attendee, I walked away with a renewed passion for toxicology and a profound appreciation for the dedicated individuals working tirelessly to protect human and environmental health. I eagerly await the next Eurotox meeting, where I’m certain we’ll continue to push the boundaries of toxicological research and innovation.

Thank you for reading. If you would like copies of the posters and/or the recording of our seminar please reach out to us via

Author: Frances Hall PhD, Senior Director for In Silico & Translational Science Solutions at Instem