The World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences is where scientists from academia, industry, government, and the non-profit sector meet to advance the 3Rs—to reduce, refine, and replace the use of animals. This year the conference – WC12 – is being held at Niagara Falls in Canada.1

The conference is organized into 6 parallel tracks covering (1) regulatory acceptance and global harmonization; (2) next-gen education; (3) ethics, welfare, policies, and regulation; (4) human-centred biomedical research; (5) refinement and impact on science; and (6) 21st century predictive toxicology.

Instem is pleased to be co-chairing with the NC3Rs2 and presenting in session S403 around the replacement of the acute toxicity test. We are looking forward to the discussion around how in silico solutions can support this goal.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this topic in more detail (Glenn Myatt;




Published by Glenn Myatt

Glenn J. Myatt is the co-founder of Leadscope and currently Senior Vice President, In Silico & Translational Science Solutions at Instem with over 30 years’ experience in computational chemistry/toxicology. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing, a Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence and a Ph.D. in Chemoinformatics. He has published 37 papers, 11 book chapters and three books.