Earlier this year, we described the results from a collaborative working group that developed a neurotoxicity hazard assessment framework that integrates in silico approaches1. This cross-industry collaboration resulted in a publication within a special issue of the Journal of Computational Toxicology2.

Dr. Arianna Bassan will be presenting the project on July 22nd, 2022 at 9:00 am EST in an upcoming webinar organized by International Neurotoxicology Association titled “Seizing the moment: Issues and technological advancements in mitigation strategies for drugs with seizure liability” 3. In this talk, in silico methods available today that support the assessment of neurotoxicity based on knowledge of chemical structure will be reviewed, followed by the presentation of a conceptual framework for the integration of in silico methods with experimental information.

Please get in touch with me (Glenn Myatt; glenn.myatt@instem.com) if you would like more information on assessment of neurotoxicity.


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Published by Glenn Myatt

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