This week, Dr. Kevin Cross from Instem is presenting at the 2022 Genetic Toxicology Association meeting on recent progress in predicting N-nitrosamine carcinogenicity potency. The presentation outlines progress over the last year and provides an update on different collaborative working groups, including a recently announced EMA-MutAmind project funded by the European Medicine’s Agency and led by Fraunhofer ITEM that includes Instem as a partner.1

The presentation provides an overview of the different reaction mechanisms involved in N-nitrosamines mutagenicity and compares Nitrosamine Drug Substance-Related Impurities (NDSRIs) against historical information on tested nitrosamines. This includes an assessment of historical Ames negative studies that have historically tested positive for rodent carcinogenicity. Recent testing of these ‘false negatives’ are presented and discussed relative to experimental protocols used and structural classes where issues occur, allowing for more directed future assessments of nitrosamines.

The presentation is available to view:

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  1. Instem Awarded EMA Research Grant.

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