The Carcinogenicity Potency Data Bank or CPDB has long been an authoritative and trusted source of in vivo carcinogenicity data used in toxicological assessments worldwide. Unfortunately, for over 10 years the database has not been updated and all the original formatted and unaltered content is no longer publicly available.

For many years, Leadscope has included all of the CPDB data exactly as recorded in the original database within the Leadscope databases, alongside other trusted sources of toxicological information such FDA dossiers, ECHA, and NTP data. This information is extensively used to support hazard and risk assessments, including in silico analyses. Despite availability within our products, we continually get requests to provide access to the original content in its original display format and to provide availability from a website.

We are happy to announce that in the latest software release, we have linked all chemicals with CPDB references directly to the original content in the original format. We have also made a website of CPDB content publicly, and freely available and provide links to these web pages from within Leadscope products.

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Published by Glenn Myatt

Glenn J. Myatt is the co-founder of Leadscope and currently Senior Vice President, In Silico & Translational Science Solutions at Instem with over 30 years’ experience in computational chemistry/toxicology. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing, a Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence and a Ph.D. in Chemoinformatics. He has published 37 papers, 11 book chapters and three books.