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So many pieces of information!

The movement of toxicology away from an observational-based paradigm and towards a mechanism-based one is ongoing. One pertinent question is how to combine data across mechanistic pathways to derive an overall assessment of hazard and what level of confidence should be placed in such a result. Further, where data gaps exist, how could in silico […]

Can the burden on industry and regulators be reduced?

About 6 years ago, the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) published the M7 guideline “Assessment and Control of DNA reactive (mutagenic) Impurities in Pharmaceuticals to limit Potential Carcinogenic Risk”.[1] This was a landmark moment for computational toxicology, as it was the first time such methods were recognized by the ICH as a regulatory test. An […]

Welcome to In Silico Insider

Welcome to In Silico Insider, a bi-weekly info-Blog for professionals working in the field of Computational Toxicology. At Instem, through our recent acquisition of Leadscope, Inc., we have the inside track when it comes to In Silico Safety Assessments and we are excited to launch this new resource for scientists and professionals working in the […]