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Endocrine activity in silico protocol

The in silico toxicology protocol consortium has been working on developing in silico protocols across various endpoints. While there are existing frameworks for identifying endocrine disrupting chemicals, there remains a lack of guidance on the usefulness and limitations of predicting relevant effects and mechanisms using in silico methodologies and how to combine relevant information inclusive …

N-nitrosamine SAR Working group

Leadscope, Inc. (an Instem company), in collaboration with Lhasa Limited are leading a working group of pharmaceutical toxicologists and consultants investigating the carcinogenic potency and structure-activity relationships of N-nitrosamines. This is in response to the recent discovery of N-nitrosamines in marketed pharmaceuticals and the regulatory changes that have resulted. The working group is run by …

New acute toxicity (Q)SAR manuscript

Late last year we reviewed a collaboration to assess whether acute (Q)SAR models are fit-for-purpose1 to support classification and labeling, since the use of an alternative approach would support the 3Rs. As part of this exercise, a series of primarily proprietary chemicals with acute toxicity data were run through the different acute (Q)SAR methodologies and …