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New acute toxicity (Q)SAR manuscript

Late last year we reviewed a collaboration to assess whether acute (Q)SAR models are fit-for-purpose1 to support classification and labeling, since the use of an alternative approach would support the 3Rs. As part of this exercise, a series of primarily proprietary chemicals with acute toxicity data were run through the different acute (Q)SAR methodologies and …

In silico toxicology consortia: impact and future direction

In a previous blog entry, Dr. Glenn Myatt discussed the impetus for developing a consortium to define best in silico practices around toxicological endpoints, such as, genetic toxicity, skin sensitization, carcinogenicity, neurotoxicity and acute toxicity, to name a few. The aim of these protocols is to reduce the burden on industry and regulators to justify …

What customer support question do we hear the most?

One of the most common questions we are asked is how an overall toxicity assessment for a given chemical is arrived at, especially when there are conflicting study results available. To answer this question, it is often helpful to review the process of producing the content in Leadscope’s databases, which is overseen by Leadscope’s Manager …